Pituitary/Hormone Blurb: This part will be interesting to just a few of you.

I have a couple of pituitary tumors that used to cause problems with my prolactin (it was high) and testosterone (which was low). You can read about it in more detail at My Pituitary Blog. (I’ve done a pretty good job of tracking my blood work over the years. Here’s a link to that table.)

Other Stuff: This bit will be interesting to even fewer of you. However, almost all blogs have an About page and I’m nothing if not like almost everybody else.

At 48 I may be the youngest “Delmer” in the world — it’s not a name you hear much of these days though I must say the smartest and best man I know is also a Delmer; that one would be my father.

I have three boys who come in at 15, 14 and 11 years of age. They are, quite possibly, the most adorable children you’ll ever meet. That is, behind your children/nieces/nephews/etc.

I work in IT at an electronics company in Hilliard, Ohio. If you’ve ever taken a trip in an ambulance there’s an 80% chance something we make made the trip to the hospital with you.

I’ve seen Bruce Springsteen in concert five times.

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