delmer on January 18th, 2012

As you all likely know, today marks an Internet event designed to raise awareness about SOPA… the Stop Online Piracy Act. Wikepedia has gone dark. Google has a banner up. Many other sites have turned themselves off to protest the support movement.


Regular readers, if I have any left, are aware that What’s a Delmer Look Like went “dark” a long time ago. While I’m all about a protest – I’ve not eaten at a Cracker Barrel* in years and years and years – my going dark had nothing to do with any sort of protest. My going dark has had more to do with having a lot of work to do.

It should be no surprise that I’m against SOPA, which is not to say I’m for piracy – I believe people should pay for the software they use and the music they play. As a matter of fact, with respect to music, I’m so against piracy that I’m opposed to having most people I stand in line with being allowed to sing. The Post Office, my friends, is not a place for American Idol auditions.

When it comes to movie studios bitching and moaning about their movies being used in manners that violate copyright I can’t help but think back to something I learned in college. The motion picture studios set up shop in California because they were dodging paying licensing fees to Thomas Edison for the cameras they used and, at the time, it was too hard to enforce collection in California from the east coast.

So, the movie studios were some of the earliest thieves. (That memory is from a small part of a 60-minute lecture from way back in 1980. My facts may be a bit fuzzy, but that’s the gist. As I recall, part of the lecture involved Southern California being selected as it was close to Mexico and if The Man were to show up the Warner Brothers would be able to make a run for the border until the heat died down.)

Hey, wasn’t Steve Jobs some sort of a crook early on as well?

Anyway, as my part of the anti-SOPA protest, a few weeks ago I moved all of my domains from GoDaddy, an early SOPA supporter, to NameCheap (Looks like they’ve blacked out their site today as well.)  I’d fallen out of love with GoDaddy a long time ago – their website is cluttered and hard to navigate, they continually try to up-sell me things when I renew, there was that thing with the elephant, and the fact they had GoDaddy Girls was sort of embarrassing to me – and their support of SOPA was the last straw.



*This blurb from the New York Times should explain distaste for eating at Cracker Barrel

Danny Evins, who created Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, a restaurant heavy on grits and nostalgia, expanded it into a $2 billion chain and then fought a losing battle to discriminate against gay employees, died on Saturday in Lebanon, Tenn. He was 76.)

delmer on January 3rd, 2012

Your blog goes down and you don’t notice right away. And then, when you do notice, you don’t have time to do anything about it.

I recently experienced two serious IT-issues. One involved the email for the company I work for. The other involved this blog.  Keeping work email flowing struck me (right off) as being the most important IT issue to address. Fixing it in such a manner that the good folks I work with suffered the fewest inconveniences as possible involved a bit of night and weekend work and sort of drained any notions of I should get my blog fixed from me (that is, after I saw it had broken).

The blog is sort of back now. With a fresh, new look! No, no, no. Not fresh and new from a template standpoint… fresh and new from a there-are-no-old-entries-to-clutter-things-up standpoint! The benefits to you will be numerous. Go ahead. Do a search. Did you notice how fast the results came back? That’s benefit number one.

Benefit number two is that if you’ve ever had the desire to read What’s a Delmer Look Like from beginning to end, well, today’s the day to do it.  A month ago this would have been quite the daunting task – and not just because my punctuation errors would have driven you insane. Now though, it’s not so bad.

Benefit three? Certainly there’s a benefit three. Two, after all doesn’t really fulfill the promise of “the benefits to you will be numerous” I made earlier.

Rats! I hate to start the first post of what is seemingly a new blog by lying to my readers. Well, while we mull over whether or not “two” is numerous, let’s press "publish” and see what happens.

(You know, I think if someone were to smack me in the face twice with a ping pong paddle, I’d consider that numerous. Two benefits are probably plenty, then.)